Why it Matters

Our Living / Working Environment should be electromagnetic radiation-free; as low as reasonably attainable (ALRA) principle.

Most of us are spending  90% of our time indoors. We are increasingly exposed to indoor and outdoor sources of environmental and man-made pollutants. 

Electro Hyper Sensitivity (EHS)  is a sector of people estimated at 3%  globally, wondering! Is my home and/or working place making me sick?  No definite answer—unless an assessment and evaluation are conducted. Only then one can make the invisible-visible, calculate the risk factor and advise remediation. 

History is repeating itself

During the last century, many scientific researchers challenged the Industry against the negative impact of Tobacco, DDT and Asbestos on human health. Without them, we would be still breathing those carcinogenic substances in mass. They saved millions of lives. Today’s researchers and Scientists are again challenging the Industry. This time around it is about the health impact of man-made electromagnetic radiation (EMR) on consumers. This struggle will take much longer than the previous.

” Health is everything. Without a good Health, everything is nothing!”