AC Electric Field MeasurementsHome pollutants

Wherever there is AC voltage, there is AC electric field which can be measured in V/m.

Our calibrated EMF testing equipment covers a wide spectrum range;  from 5Hz to 1 MHz:

–  Low-frequency analyzer ME 3851 A   Freq. range: 5 Hz  –  100 kHz     Measuring range: 0.1-1,999 nT

– 3D-LF analyzer with data logger NFA1000  Freq range: 5 Hz – 1000 KHz

 AC electric field around a house

AC Electric Field around a house, measured and logged by NFA 1000 


  Four Demand Switches (NA7) installed in the switches box to cut the AC power automatically from circuits at no demand, thus eliminating the EMF from sleeping areas in particular.

IBE Safety Standards (SBM-2008)

Exposure Type Units No Concern Slight Concern Severe Concern Extreme Concern
AC electric fields with  ground potential (LF/VLF/ELF) V/m < 1 1 – 5 5 – 50 > 50
AC electric fields potential free  (LF/VLF/ELF) V/m < 0.3 0.3 –  1.5 1.5 – 10 > 10