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     EMF & RFR Testing, Assessment & Mitigation 

    (EMF = Electromagnetic Field ,           RFR = Radio Frequency Radiation)


      <We Make the Invisible  Visible,  Analyse and Advise Mitigation>

Most of us spend 90% of the time indoors. We are exposed to ever increasing and highly pervasive internal and external sources of man-made electromagnetic pollutants. 

Electro-Hyper Sensitive (EHS) people are raising a question: Is my home/office making me sick? No definite answer unless an Assessment is conducted and evaluated. With the help of Frequency Analyzers ranging from 5Hz – 10 GHz, “Less Radiation for You” delivers professional services.

 We measure Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) and Radio Frequency Radiation (RFR) in areas of high concern where you spend most of your time. We deploy the state-of-the-art measuring instruments.  If you are under long-term exposure to radiation, it could affect your body circadian rhythm with geomagnetic field leading to a disruption of the inter-cellular communications. 

We conduct home/office Assessments and Evaluation on a case-by-case basis and recommend remediation through a comprehensive report. The goal is to lessen YOUR long-term exposure to radiation under ALARA Principle (As Low As Reasonably Attainable) which is scaled to Building Biology Standards for sleeping areas (SBM-2008). Any reduction in the long-term exposure to radiation is worth the investment. 

We aim to gain the trust of our Customers through results-based remediation. The initial Assessment Report contains levels of exposure at target locations. After the remediation, a new set of measurements are taken in the same locations under exactly the same instruments settings and time of the day. A comparison is drawn and shielding effectiveness is calculated. 

We continue to follow through with our clients for the testimonial differences we made in health and well being.

We charge:

– NZD 180 per hour for House Assessment. Average sized house takes 1-2 hours.

– NZD200 per hour for Office Assessment.

Discount on transport charges:

We will charge $50 transport charges for Home/Office Assessment if located within Auckland domain. Outside Auckland domain, travel expenses are subject to negotiation.

Discount on shielding material and accessories:

3% up to NZ$5000  (span over 2017).

5%  from NZ$5,000 to NZ$ 10,000  (span over 2017).

10% above NZ$10,000  (span over 2017).

– Minimum Hardware Order Value  >=US$100. 

 If you have any question/comments  about what has been presented on this Website, send us an email   fmarkho@gmail.com


                       RFA 1000 on stand

[NFA 1000 frequency analyzer  5 Hz to 1 MHz, —the flagship of our instruments…]