Radon Gas Test (Earth Energies)

Radioactive Radon gas rises to the surface and emits harmful alpha radiation which builds up to dangerous levels in poorly ventilated living/working spaces. Radon-222 is the product of a slow decay of Uranium -238 constantly converting to a more stable configuration with fewer neutrons by emitting alpha particles and electrons.

IBE Standard (SBM-2008)

Exposure Type Units No Concern Slight Concern Severe Concern Extreme Concern
Radioactive Radon in becquerel per m3 Bq/m³ < 30 30- 60 60 – 200 > 200

A test kit can be ordered from a lab in the U.S. Conduct the test in your basement and send back the sample to the lab for a test. It must reach the lab in less than 4 days. The lab sends back the results within a week.

Radon test was conducted in the basement of a  house under assessment. The sample was sent back to the lab in the U.S.  The results “no concern”.

Radon test results 0.8 pCi/L = 29.6 Bq/m³      [EPA action level for indoor radon is 4.0 pCi/L= 148 Bq/m³] Rating: No concern

1 Bq/m³ = 0.027027027 pCi/L