Radio Frequency (RF) Radiation 

The information carrying Radio Waves (ICRW) ) from 3MHz to 300 GHz, have become part of our daily life. We can’t function or perform effectively without the reliance on these wireless technologies. However, that comes at a cost.

Cellular technology across the globe has spread unabated like wildfire. It goes without saying that we want our children to be tech-savvy, but we also want them healthy. They can be connected in this digital age in much safer ways – at home and at school. For instance by fiber optic technology which is clean, healthy, secure and faster.

Electromagnetic waves become airborne and radiate very long distances when the frequency and energy are both increased. Examples are radio waves (HF, VHF, UHF), TV, Radar, Satellite, microwave links, Cell phones, Smart Meters, Wi-Fi, WiMAX, Blue-tooth,…etc. The magnitude of the RF signal or the power density is measured in µW/m². A spectrum analyzer is used to identify the location of RF signal on a defined spectrum range. The analyzer will indicate the amplitude and duration of the RF signal. It could very clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of RF shielding before and after our intervention.