Francis helped me assess and improve the layout of my bedroom. After shielding the walls with Aluminium foil, it helped with reducing electromagnetic radiation. I can sleep better now. 
Ioan, Wellington, New Zealand

I would like to begin by saying thank you very much for your time and inspecting our first townhouse, as well as the second one. We appreciate the information, the detailed reports and guidance received. We knew exactly what to look out for when we had to move houses because of the very high level of radiation that penetrated the first townhouse, making 2/3 of it dangerous for ourselves, but especially for our kids. We are thankful that after the first inspection and while we were looking for a new place to stay, that at least we could position our beds in a safe place and switch off certain power points that were excreting dangerously high EMF’s.

We are delighted to say that the kids are sleeping great and we can sleep well too knowing that their beds and play areas are safe and also knowing which areas of the house to try and avoid or make less use of.  Example, I know where the GP Lines are and will avoid putting my baby’s high chair in the lines, nor will I let my daughter sit down or play where the lines are, so thank you for that!  What I appreciate most of your professional service, is that everything is so personalized, it is always so interesting talking to you and I appreciate the time you have taken time and time again, even months after the inspection to talk if I have concerns and give advice when I ask for it. You really take the time and interest in genuinely helping your customers, it’s definitely not just a job for you, you truly care and it shows in every minute of your time spent with your customers.

I will definitely keep in touch and I will not hesitate to call you for an inspection when we move homes again. I definitely highly recommend your services to those who care about their health and those of their children. We are thankful to have met you and for your kind assistance all throughout our journey to find the safest home for your family.

With best wishes,
Alta, Auckland, NZ

I spent some time on your website and was impressed with the amount of information about radiation from different sources that you have there. The subjects are well indexed and described.
Dr. Yousif,  Palo Alto, CA, USA
Used the services of Less Radiation For You Ltd., as I had concerns over a cell tower near my house. The service I received from Francis was amazing. He is very professional and extremely knowledgeable about the subject. All equipment used for the assessment was of professional grade. The assessment consists of a comprehensive check throughout the entire house for wireless radiation power density levels produced by the cell phone tower and other devices, magnetic fields produced by faulty house wiring and household appliances and harmful dirty electricity. All concerns were discussed onsite and remedial action that needed to be done to address any issues. Once the assessment is complete a detailed report is given which is very helpful. Would highly recommend everyone to get their house assessed if you live close to a cell tower, high tension power lines or Power transformers as long term exposure to RF radiation and EMF can have an adverse effect on your health.”
Shehan, Auckland , NZ
We were concerned about the close proximity of a cell phone tower to our house; and when I started to experience some problems with constantly disrupted sleep, ringing in my ears and slight headaches, I decided to do some research. I found that these were all symptoms of exposure to cell phone tower radiation.
So we contacted Francis from Less Radiation For You, to measure the radiation levels in our home and advise on protection solutions.  We now have shielding fabric curtains in our bedrooms and the radiation levels in these rooms, when remeasured, has dropped markedly.  We now sleep better, and all other exposure symptoms have reduced.
We greatly appreciated Francis’s help.
Auckland, NZ

Our family had been experiencing recent health problems and we wanted to know about the electromagnetic and radio-frequency levels in our home. We searched to find someone in the Auckland area and came across Francis. He has been extremely helpful and he is very knowledgeable in this under researched area. He has made helpful recommendations for our home and his Assessment reports are very detailed. He is very passionate in what he does. I would thoroughly recommend his services to anyone who has any electromagnetic radiation concerns.

Paul, Auckland, New Zealand