Nature can’t be wrong —- In the course of evolution, all living organisms have adapted with harmony to the unique geomagnetic radiation climate prevalent on planet Earth. We are bio-electromagnetic sensitive beings that evolved throughout millions of years in synchronicity with Earth’s natural magnetic field. This natural balance is being threatened now because over the past 100 years humans have been very busy adding their own versions of EM energies without giving due consideration to the biological implications.

Even migratory birds and animals that depend on the natural magnetic fields for their orientation and navigation through earth’s atmosphere are confused by the much stronger and constantly changing artificial fields created by wireless technology.  Honey bees’ colony collapse disorder (CCD) is partially related to the wireless energy’s ubiquitous nature.

During last century, many scientific researchers and medical professionals challenged the industry against the negative impact of Tobacco, DDT and Asbestos on human health. Without them, we would be still breathing those carcinogenic substances. They saved millions of lives. Today’s researchers and Scientists are again challenging the Industry. This time around it is about the health impact of man-made electromagnetic radiation (EMR) on consumers. This struggle will take much longer than the previous.

Should we believe mobile phone industry telling us that smartphones are risk-free?