EHS Study 2001 SpainElectro-Hyper Sensitivity (EHS)

We are bio-electromagnetic systems. Our heart and brain are regulated by internal bioelectrical signals. Environmental exposures to artificial EMFs interact with fundamental biological processes in the human body which is, in reality, a bio-resonance system.

EHS is actually a health condition characterized by adverse health effects due to the body’s increased sensitivity, i.e. intolerance to EMF and RF radiations.

Estimated  130,000 New Zealanders are suffering from  EHS  at different levels of severeness, yet not officially recognized. 

In Sweden, EHS is officially recognized as a functional impairment, where 280,000 people receive government assistance to shield their living spaces against EMR.

It is clear that EHS is a spill-over effect of long-term exposure to EMF and wireless technologies. Not in a distant future, Wi-Fi Refugee status will soon become commonplace in industrialized countries followed by the rest of the world.

The above study conducted in Spain 2001 illustrated health symptoms as a result of long-term exposure to one cellphone tower base station. Today in urban areas at a radius of ~ 5 km we could be surrounded by a large number of cellphone towers whose impact on our health, in aggregate, would surpass that depicted in this research by far.  

The number of people joining the EHS Refugee Zones in North Italy, South France, and West Virginia is on the rise.

——The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that people reporting sensitivities receive a comprehensive health evaluation  [Dr. Olle Johansson, Bio-initiative report]

——Acknowledging  EHS as a health condition is a growing problem worldwide

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During last century, many researchers and Scientists challenged the Industry against the negative impact of Tobacco, DDT, and Asbestos on human health. Without them, we would still be breathing those carcinogenic substances. They saved millions of lives. Today researchers and Scientists are again challenging the Industry. This time it is about the health impact of man-made electromagnetic radiation (EMR) on consumers. This struggle will take much longer than the previous.

In a nutshell,  your living environment is not just an environment, it is an extension of who you are. Evaluate your living/working conditions and get checked for electro-pollutants.