Only a few people among the public are aware of the insidious effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) repleting our environment. On a global scale, insidious health effects are already hard felt by millions of electro-sensitive (ES) peoples and brain tumor cases.

It is safe to say that long-term exposure to EMRs put our lives in peril. Spill-over-effects are perceptible by billions of people, alas, mobile phones addiction is a daily life.

As countermeasures, China classified addiction to the Internet as a clinical disorder. In Sweden electrohypersensitivity (EHS) is considered a clinical condition. The Swedish government subsidizes shielding material for peoples home with such symptoms. In Russia, mobile phones are banned for children below 18 years. In France, Wi-Fi is banned in schools.

Dr. W. Rossy Adey, a neurologist at the Veteran Affair Medical Center in Loma Linda, California, told New Scientist magazine that there is now a “powerful body of impressive evidence” to suggest that very low exposure to EMFs has subtle, long-term effects on human health. The sensitivity of the brain and its mechanisms to these fields is the key to understanding this issue.

On a global scale, the Industry would give no consideration to Human health when it comes in the way of profit. Therefore the only person who would mitigate the impact of the man-made electromagnetic pollutants on your living and working environment is YOURSELF.

The good news is that the technology and instrumentation to detect and eliminate a good deal of these unwanted fields are available and are effectively practiced. It is all up to you to take the informed decision timely.

So take the first step. Increase your awareness in this (new) “result- based Science”. Read through the pages in this Website. Apply precautionary principle. The issue is serious. In the past 15 years, degenerative diseases and cancer cases have increased 3 folds. The biological impact is cumulative. Therefore “time” is not on our side. Don’t wait…till it is too late.

EMR protection measures are not a bargain. It is an investment that you can continue to collect returns from for years to come.