Dirty Electricity

The moment Thomas Edison sent current down the line in 1882,  generated AC electric field, AC magnetic field and transient pulses up to 400 kHz known as “Dirty Electricity”. Samuel Milham, author of Dirty Electricity (Electrification and the Diseases of Civilization) illustrates in a very profound manner what electrification brought to humanity besides comfort.

Dirty Electricity is generated by transient circuit-switching,  relays, circuit breakers, dimmer switches,  inverters,  variable speed motors, generators,  fluorescent lamps, chargers, energy saving lamps, etc. In other words,  whenever the current is interrupted, Dirty Electricity is generated at frequencies up to 400 KHz

Dirty Electricity is actually a High-Frequency Voltage Transient (HFVT) measured with Stetzer Meter click here. Levels below 50 GS are of no concern. It can be mitigated by plugging a number Stetzer Filters. In residential areas, Dirty Electricity readings should be around  100-200 GS before the installation of filters. In Offices, Factories readings are much higher. It is important to mention that a good deal of HFVT “Dirty Electricity” comes from the electric grid.

By superimposing irregular high-frequency signals on a clean 50 Hz voltage and current sine waves, human cells react quickly to the changes in intensity and frequency induced by the HFVT signals i.e. the Dirty Electricity. The higher the frequency, the higher the induced transient signals. This reaction at cellular level causes disruption to inter-cellular communications.

Until now only a little knowledge about capacitive-coupling of external transient electric and magnetic fields with the child’s body at low-frequency transients existed.  Studies show that the induced current density in the body by external electric and magnetic fields increases with frequency.

 GS: stands for Graham & Stetzer units.