Dirty Electricity MeasurementsHome pollutants

The moment Thomas Edison sent current down the line in 1882, He generated electric fields,  magnetic fields and transient pulses from 5 Hz up to 400 kHz also known as “Dirty Electricity”. Samuel Milham, author of Dirty Electricity (Electrification and the Diseases of Civilization) illustrated in a very profound manner what electrification brought to humanity along with comfort.

Dirty electricity is measured with Stetzer Meter. Levels below 50 GS are of no concern. It can be mitigated by plugging a number Stetzer Filters in a house. The lower, the better. In residential areas, average dirty electricity readings are normally 100-200 GS before the installation of filters. In an Office or a Factory,  readings would be much higher (GS stands for Graham & Stetzer units). Stetzer Filters short-circuit the harmful  High-Frequency Voltage Transients (HFVT)  from Livewire to Neutral and down to earth wire at the main distribution box.

Since a considerable level of “Dirty Electricity” comes from the power grid as well as from neighbors, it is highly recommended to install one Stezter Filter per phase right after the electric meter. Exterior “Dirty Electricity”, included that generated by the Smart meter, would be shunted directly to earth instead of propagating in the entire house through the electrical wiring. To increase HFVT filtering effectiveness, the ground rod should be as close as possible to the electric box and measured earth below 5 ohms. The better the earth, the better the filtering.

Graham and Stetzer safety limit is below 50 GS. This means we keep adding filters in Home/Office till we reach the safety level and below.  A standard house may require 6-12 filters, whereas Office would require more. We are looking at ~USD520 investment for home application (each Filter USD35  & Meter US$100).


filters deactivated  (meter reading 129 GS)



Nine filters in the house activated (meter reading 45 GS)