DC Magnetic Fields and Earth Energies

DC magnetic fields are both natural and man-made. The natural magnetic field originates from electrical currents in the molten metals found within Earth core forming a huge DC magnetic dipole (N & S) indicated by a compass. The man-made DC magnetic fields are also created from DC power sources like batteries, solar panels and wind turbines measured in µT.

Other sources of natural DC magnetic fields are Earth Energies represented by Hartmann net, Curry grid, Ley lines, underground streams, geological faults and the underground cavern. When these lines or streams cross under a dwelling, they form geopathic stress area. A bed on top of geopathic stress is called “Cancer bed”.

The nearest example of DC magnetic field is sprung mattresses magnetized by numerous electrical appliances, cables running under the bed and transformers. 

Avoiding Sprung mattresses is a wise remedial action.