Body Voltage 

Basically, the Body Voltage is the AC potential and its transient induced in the human body by the surrounding AC electric field sources. It generates eddy current loops into a potential-free body. The size and intensity of these current loops depend on the orientation of the body w.r.t. the incoming potential. Whereas if the body is grounded, a current of several mA’s flows into the body directly to ground. In this case, body’s current threshold is 30 mA.

Where ever there is AC electric field, there is induced body voltage and transient signals if it comes in the path of the field. Long-term exposure to high Body Voltage, especially in the sleeping sanctuary, could lead to a headache, insomnia, nausea, waking up several times at night,…etc. 

There is a measuring kit made especially for this purpose, click here for more info. Any reading above 10 mV is of slight, severe or extreme concern, depending on the level,  for more information click here. The best and straightforward remedial action is to eliminate the source of the AC electric fields either manually by switching the power off from the main circuit breakers or automatically by the installation of Demand Switches, click here for more information.