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Body Voltage Measurements

We sell a kit made especially to measure the Body Voltage. Readings below 10 mV are of “no concern”. Anything above 10 mV is of slight, severe or extreme concern, depending on the level.

Symptoms of high Body Voltage are: fatigue, headache, insomnia, nausea, waking up several times at night, …etc. 

IBE Safety Standards (SBM-2008)

Exposure Type Units No Concern Slight Concern Severe Concern Extreme Concern
Body voltage with ground potential (LF/VLF/ELF) mV < 10 10 – 100 100 – 1000 > 1000

 The straightforward remedial action to lessen the Body Voltage is to eliminate the source of the AC electric fields, and dirty electricity, particularly in the sleeping area by manually switching off the circuit breakers or by the installation of Demand Switches. They cut off power automatically from the main distribution box (MDB) to selected circuits at no demand.

 Four Demand Switches NA7 installed in the MDB                                                                                                  DS                                                                        Demand Switch NA7      Demand switch NA7 comfort with VDE