Greetings & welcome to “Less Radiation for You”,  New Zealand                                                                                            

The Website is launched by Francis Markho a Certified Building Biology Environmental Consultant (BBEC) and Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist (EMRS).  At “Less Rad 4 U”, we know what it takes to conduct Home/Office assessment, evaluation, and remediation.

Based on the Building Biology Safety Standards, the flagship of our intervention is the comparison between the electromagnetic exposure levels before & after our intervention. Follow through with customers health improvement through taking the shielding practices to new levels if deemed necessary.

The most effective way to mitigate a source of radiation will always be to eliminate, move or avoid. When these “best choices” are not feasible,  shielding should be considered. Click here for information about “shielding”

We are based in East Tamaki Heights, Auckland 2016,  New Zealand.

Email: fmarkho@


Our Mission 

Our mission at “Less Radiation for You” is to raise awareness and share knowledge with communities to help to make informed decisions when it comes to the health impact of long-term exposure to EMFs and RF radiations. The whole mission is actually built upon four subsequent layers:

 Knowledge   >>>    Measurements   >>>     Reduction   >>> &    Protection

The best protection results are gained when protection measures are taken before the long-term exposure to harmful electromagnetic radiations take effect.  In a nutshell,  it is all about applying the precautionary principle timely.

The BBEC certification built upon BSc in Electrical Engineering platform and in collaboration with Safe Living Technologies Inc., Canada and Gigahertz Solutions, Germany  —the Manufacturers of electromagnetic radiation measuring instruments scaled to Building Biology Safety Standards, we strive to provide quality services in a sustainable and professional manner.  [This is a very important because measurements are meaningless if not related to a standard].  Building Biology Safety Standards consider Nature as the ultimate goal.

Target Audience 

Everyone subjected to a long-term exposure to earth energies and man-made electromagnetic radiations is a target audience. Included are the 7.4 billions of mobile phone users globally, and especially after the advent of wireless technologies such as Microwave links, Radars, Microwave ovens, Wi-Fi, WiMAX, GSM, Smart Phones, Smart Meters, Smart Watches, Smart Glasses…etc. all working in synergy.

A serious spill-over effect on a sector of World population as the result of the chronic exposures to electromagnetic radiations is the 12% Electro Hyper Sensitive (EHS) people whom, in Sweden only, are considered as functionally impaired and receive Governmental assistance for shielding their homes. The numbers of EHS migrants to Wi-Fi -free villages in Southern France, North Italy, and West Virginia are on the rise, creating new migrants communities known as “Wi-Fi refugees”.

EHS symptoms could be one or a combination of:  Fatigue,  Sleep disturbance,  Headaches,  Feeling of discomfort,  Difficulty in concentrating,  Depression,  Memory loss,  Visual disruption,  Irritability,  Hearing disruption,  Skin problems,  Cardiovascular,  Dizziness,  Loss of appetite, Movement difficulties and Nausea. [Symptoms above in “red” are associated with aging known as ” Rapid Aging Syndrome” (RAS)]

Our Professional Activities 

Presentations: A presentation entitled “Living Environment Present  Challenges” was delivered at Open Polytechnic on Feb 25, 2014, and at the Building-Biology & Ecology Institute (BBE) on 12 April 2014.

Technical Papers:

  • The Author of a paper entitled:  “Mobile Phones Unhealthy At Any Speed” posted on LinkedIn.
  • Co-author of a paper submitted to IEEE-TSM entitled:  “Non-Ionizing Radiations and Exposure Limits – ICNIRP versus BBE”.
  • Co-Author of a paper presented at the International Conference and Exposition on Electrical and Power Engineering (EPE) in Lasi, Romania 20 Oct 2016; entitled: ” Major Influences in Households and Business Spaces—Wi-Fi Telecommunication Masts Outputs and Electrical Pollution“.  —-and published by IEEE on 22 Dec 2016:
  • The Author of a paper published by entitled: Is your Cell Phone Safe to Use?

For Home/Office Assessments, we charge:

NZ$180 per hour for Home Assessment, (Average sized home takes 1-2 hours).
NZ$200 per hour for Office Assessment.

Discount on transport charges:

We charge NZ$50 transport charges for Home/Office Assessment if located within Auckland domain. Outside Auckland domain, is negotiable.