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Nature can’t be wrong!

In the course of evolution, all living organisms have adapted with harmony to the unique geomagnetic radiation climate prevalent on planet Earth. We are bio-electromagnetic sensitive beings that evolved throughout millions of years in synchronicity with Earth’s natural magnetic field. This natural balance is being threatened now because over the past 100 years humans have been very busy adding their own versions of electromagnetic energies without giving due consideration to the biological implications.

Everything electrical, from wires in the walls and household appliances to high-tech industrial equipment, emits non-ionizing radiation. The air around us is filled with the unseen energies of radio, television, microwave, cellphone towers, mobile phones, wireless routers, cordless phones, etc. The immediate effect of this daily bath of electromagnetic pollution is generally imperceptible, but the long-term consequences can be life-threatening. This danger can be seen, for example, in the increase in the incidence of cancers and leukemia among people living near high-tension power transmission lines.

Is your home/office making you sick?

You can’t see it, feel it, or smell it. It is there doing its business perfectly well without leaving a trace in the now.  Symptoms related to long-term exposure to non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation could be one or a combination of: Headaches,  fatigue,  sleep disorder,  discomfort,  difficulty concentrating,  tinnitus,  nausea, stress, depression, aggressive behaviour among children, hypertension, heart palpitation, childhood leukemia,  DNA fragmentation, brain tumors, cancer, spikes in glucose levels, and the list goes on. There is a significant body of scientific evidence to support the correlation between heavy exposure to electromagnetic radiations and various health effects. Among the recommended sources to start a path of self-awareness is the Bio-Initiative Report 2012.

Our bodies are coupling devices (antennas) which convert the oscillating electromagnetic fields into electric currents (eddy currents) whose intensity is proportional to frequency and the size of the tissue. Over time or due to a sensitizing event some percent of us would become   Electrohypersensitive (EHS). 

When we visit our Family Doctor, we don’t take our living environment with us. We go with symptoms only. Therefore we receive treatment for the symptoms. We could easily end up over medicated as the root causes of the symptoms namely,  our polluted living, working and play environment remain unaddressed. 

Dr. W. Rossy Adey, a neurologist from the Veteran Affair Medical Center in Loma Linda, California, he told New Scientist magazine that there is now a “powerful body of impressive evidence” to suggest that very low exposure to EMFs has subtle, long-term effects on human health. The sensitivity of the brain and its mechanisms to these fields is the key to understanding this issue.

What to do?

The most effective way to mitigate a source of radiation will always be to eliminate, move or avoid. When these “best choices” are not feasible, shielding should be considered in conjunction with the precautionary principle.  For information about “shielding Effectiveness”, click here

If you are in a close proximity to any of the external pollutants mimicked above, get your home assessed. Distance is your friend, time is your enemy.  The uncomfortable fact is that most customers who put requests for Home/Office assessments have already developed health symptoms. The most precious asset is”Health”. Therefore consider protection before symptoms of long-term exposure to harmful electromagnetic radiations take effect.  Contact us for a professional remedial action and continual follow through.

Recommended safe distances

–  > 100-300 meters away from high power transmission lines (110 kV, 230 kV or 380 kV), high voltage underground cables, substations, and electric railway lines.

– > 1000 meters away from Cell Phone Towers (line of sight).

– > 10-50 meters away from residential distribution transformers and underground cables.

Our mitigation processes

Less Radiation  For You Ltd. conducts a holistic Home/Office assessments which includes taking measurements of:

  • AC electric fields (EFs),
  • AC magnetic fields (MFs),
  • Radio frequency radiations (RFR), 
  • Dirty electricity (DE), &
  • Mapping the Geopathic Stress Lines and their crossing points to the site-plan. followed by a comprehensive Assessment Report with recommendations for mitigation which may include shielding. We follow through with our customers by taking further remedial actions if deemed necessary. 

Do it yourself  and count on our assistance

If you want to work, sleep and live better in our highly electrified world, order your own measuring instrument(s) and do it yourself. We are here to provide you with technical assistance and shielding techniques. We are here to make a differenceThere is a full range of measuring instruments. The cost depends on the sensitivity, and spectrum range.


We don’t advise you to go to a pharmacy, buy a thermometer and measure your temperature!  If you had a fever, then what? That is exactly when we offer our recommendations and remediation techniques.  Our mission is actually built upon four subsequent layers:     Knowledge   >>>    Measurements   >>>     Reduction   >>> &    Protection .  The best protection results are attained when protection measures are considered before symptoms of long-term exposure to harmful electromagnetic radiations take effect.  In a nutshell,  it is all about applying the precautionary principle …timely.  

Whistle blowing

When symptoms begin to surface, it is a clear indication that body’s biological defense &  protection mechanisms against exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and radio frequency radiations’ (RFR) are exhausted and had given up.  A good example of one of these defense mechanisms is the cells releasing  heat-shock proteins as a result of exposure to certain levels of electromagnetic radiation (EMR).  Repetitions of the above exposure exhaust cells self-defense ability leading to cells mutation.

More Information 

For an insightful overview of our mission and how we operate, click on “About Us“, “Education”  orServices“ and their linkage toHistory”..  If you come across any piece of information that required elaboration, feel free to contact us. The knowledge we share is free of charge.

Home/Office Assessment Charges:

– NZ$200 per hour for Home  Assessment,  (Average sized home takes 1-2 hours).

– NZ$250 per hour for Office Assessment.

We charge $50 transport for Home/Office Assessment if located within 30 min drive. If farther, we charge NZ$90 per hour drive —back and forth.

Discount on shielding material and accessories —shipping fees excluded:

3% From NZ$3,000  to NZ$5,000

6%  from NZ$5,001 to NZ$ 10,000 

10% above NZ$10,000 

– Minimum Order Value  >=NZ$150                                                              

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